Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Diamond Wedding Rings

In every person’s life comes a time when you simply know you want to spend the rest of your life together with your significant other. As a commitment and dedication for that fairytale, you start by either asking the other person to marry you, or by tearfully saying yes when you have been asked the previous question. And then comes the ring. For most guys, there is nothing more daunting than the idea of roaming the jewelry stores and looking at diamond engagement rings. Also, in addition to all of this, their minds start bursting with questions like “is she going to accept my proposal, will she like the ring, is the ring good enough, should I look at princess cut diamond engagement rings, the plain white diamond rings or other precious stones embellished rings for engagement”? Knowing all of this, some guys find the proposal so scary that they would rather choose to put the ring into a fortune cookie than come up with a descent proposal scenario. This is why I chose to write an article that should serve as a men’s guide to buying engagement rings diamond wedding rings .

Diamond ring as a symbol of eternal commitment
Even though your girlfriend may not be the typical girly girl type, she would love being proposed with a diamond ring. The purchase of a diamond engagement ring is definitely one of the most important decisions you will make in your entire life, so you need to choose it wisely. Before you hit the stores in search for a ring that will mark your love, you need to think about your budget and the upper limit. Do not listen to that nonsense cliché that if you want to prove your love for her you need to buy a ring worth two months salaries. The engagement ring will stay on her finger forever, so you need to select a ring that matches her style, personal taste and her expectations. If you are afraid you will fail at the task completely, you can always ask her first and then select the ring together, but this will kill all the fun and ruin the lovely surprise engagement rings .

Ask for unbiased opinion while you choose the engagement rings
As this whole process may be scary for you, you can always ask for an unbiased opinion from a friend or relative who can help you with the choice and who will not spill the beans. Also, you can take a look at the jewelry she already wears. Is she interested in unusual ring and jewelry forms or is she a fan of a classical style? You need to consider if she is a fan of classic yellow gold, white gold or the combination of platinum and yellow gold. Princess cut diamond rings are an excellent choice for a woman who likes to show off her women attributes while blue sapphire rings work better on classical, low key girls diamond rings .

The four C’s in a diamond ring
If you choose to go with a diamond engagement ring, think about the four C’s of a diamond (carat, cut, color and clarity) because this determines its ultimate price. If you intend to choose the platinum engagement rings, look for the ones who are combined with precious stones or pearls. You can never go wrong with pearls diamond ring .